The tourism industry was and still is the key to the growth of insular Greece.
Naxos is a heaven on earth that generously offers great opportunities for investments in all types of tourist accommodation.

“More than Architecture” manages, among other things, high quality hotel accommodation (hotels, studios, villas resorts).
This has resulted in our executives having a deep understanding of the needs and trends of Hotel Management.

Cooperating with us for the development of tourist properties, will give you the opportunity to acquire a team of specialized advisors for the management and promotion of your tourist business.

In this context, we provide our clients – partners with a comprehensive Business Plan that starts with the study of the building facilities, the construction – decoration up to the guidance for the promotion of the product – service.

We are delighted to suggest alternative ideas for the style, the activities and the services, that a lodging can and should provide modern travelers.

Being well aware that the detailed planning of a tourist business is the core of its viability, we offer the freshest ideas to all our potential customers – partners, always aiming at highlighting the lodging as well as Naxos itself as a whole.