The building permits are issued according to the New Building Regulation L.4067/12 and concern:
  • studies: architectural, static, electromechanical
  • small-scale permits


A Building Permit is required in order to perform any building work such as:

  1. Demolition of structures
  2. Excavations, embanking, landscaping of plots and fields with a view to building.
  3. Installing scaffolding.
  4. Construction, addition, repair of buildings and their annexes.
  5. Modification of facades.
  6. Change of usage.
  7. Construction and addition of any form of facilities.
  8. Surrounding wall enclosure.
  9. Construction of underground water tanks and sewage tanks.
  10. Cutting trees within approved urban design plans, settlements, or in construction control zones which are not protected by the provisions of the law for the protection of forests and wooded areas in general.

Approval of small-scale works (by ministerial decision/a>),is required for the following works on legally existing buildings :

  1. Trial sections of the ground and excavation subject to issuing a document with the competent archaeological service.
  2. Installation of prefabricated houses for self-housing disadvantaged and special population groups as defined accordingly.
  3. Pumping plants and buildings with the necessary dimensions for the housing of such plants, in accordance with Article 3 of the Presidential Decree 24 / 31-5-85 (D ‘270), except where pillars are required to be built and subject to approval by the competent Department for Agriculture.
  4. Drilling water on land privately owned, within urban design plans or within agglomerations or in off-plan land, subject to approval by the municipality of the region and the competent regional authority.
  5. Work required for geotechnical investigations, according to the 2003 Greek Earthquake Regulation, without retaining works.
  6. Installation of temporary structures accompanied by a certificate of static adequacy.
  7. The construction of elevators in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 27 required for the movement of disabled persons and / or physically challenged persons in existing buildings.
  8. The approval of small-scale works shall be issued by the relevant building department, at the request of the owner or the lawful person, accompanied by a technical engineering report. By decision of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, the process of issuing the approval of small scale works is determined, while other cases where small-scale approval of works is required, may be determined in addition to the above without prejudice to the cases within the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 3.


No Building Permit or small-scale construction Approval is required for the following tasks:

  1. Small-scale interior repairs or alterations that do not alter the existing structure or facades of the building, including structures required for the movement and / or service of persons with disabilities and / or physically challenged persons. This does not include the construction of a lift as per Article 27 ( para. 3).
  2. Interior and exterior coloring or railing replacement without the use of scaffolding.
  3. . Changing or repairing floors.
  4. Maintenance, repair, or adaptation of building installations and ducts.
  5. Replacement of internal or external frames in existing openings.
  6. Maintenance, roof repair without the use of scaffolding.
  7. Simple stonework wall enclosure up to one meter (1.00 m) high or fencing of light material without the use of field pitching in out-of-plan areas. It is also allowed to demarcate a plot or a stadium by using stakes.
  8. Construction of a pergola in open-air residential ground floor areas or in the surrounding outdoor space. Construction of indoor galley stoves, ovens and fireplaces.
  9. Installation of an unroofed water tank or swimming pool with a maximum surface area of 40 m2, serviced by external compact systems without engine rooms and provided that their height at no point exceeds more than one meter (1,00 m) high from the final ground level.
  10. Minor terrain development with stone up to plus / minus 0.50 m high from the natural terrain.
  11. Installation of air conditioning units in existing buildings in accordance with paragraph 16 of Article 16
  12. Installation of solar water heaters in accordance with paragraph 2b of Article 19.
  13. The construction of planted roofs and planted surfaces.
    For the above works, a 48-hour notice must be given in writing before their execution by the relevant Building Service, which is notified to the police station concerned.

In the following cases,works shall be carried out in accordance with the conditions laid down by the competent Building Construction Service  and following a declaration of supervision assumed by a competent technician which has been notified to the local police station:

  1. demolition of structures or buildings, which are classified as dangerously crumbling, in accordance with the applicable regulations for hazardous buildings, without prejudice to Article 6 (8) of this Law.
  2. the application of security measures, stipulated by the competent Building Construction Service, to buildings or constructions classified as dangerous in accordance with the applicable provisions.
  3. the demolition or restoration of structures which have been deemed illegal in accordance with the provisions applicable to illegal structures.
Law 4030/11. New version of building permit issue
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